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9/11 Ceremony In Toledo

This morning (9/11) in front of Toledo City Hall, the local Toledo Rotary organized a remembrance of 18-years ago today. Here on the west coast citizens watched in horror around 6:03 am as the towers fell and the planes were reported hijacked and came crashing down.

Toledo Police Chief Pace: "On this date 18-years ago close to 3,000 people died in a planned attack on American soil, that's about the size of Toledo. People were thrust into a frightening and deadly situation but found the spirit to help each other. September 11, 2001 our liberty was threatened, no longer did we feel untouchable. But we are Americans and we showed that we are united as we came together as one. He said we can honor those who gave their lives by being kind and reaching out to those in need and helping those in need.

Fire Chief Larry Robison: "We have all watched the videos that were taken of the aftermath. I ask those who may be watching those videos to pay attention to some of the background noises that could be heard in them. The oxygen tanks the firefighters wear are equipped with an alarm that will sound when the person stops moving. In the 9/11 videos you hear a lot of those alarms going off. He said every time you hear that sound another firefighter went down."

Toledo Mayor Rod Cross: I remember long enough from my childhood as we remember VJ-Day and Pearl Harbor. He said for many now that is just a memory of something that happened in the past as a ghost. We can't let this date fall into obscurity. I watched that morning and knew that life in my United States would never be the same again. The rest of the world has been dealing with terrorism for years, but it finally came to our shores. But we showed on that day what American truly is. It doesn't matter where we come from, what we do or who you vote for, we as Americans when challenged will rise up."

Mayor Cross encouraged remembrance of hope and banding together as one. We have a video of the ceremony posted on our facebook page. Facebook.com/PNWNE

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