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Add An Emergency Contact To Your Drivers License

It is now easier to make sure that friends and family know if you are involved in an accident as quickly as possible. If you have an Oregon driver license, instruction permit, or identification card, you can now add emergency contact information to your DMV record. The emergency contact information will be used in the event you are killed, seriously injured, or unconscious and cannot speak with police officers. In an emergency, police officers will use this information to contact those listed with information about your location and condition.

To be listed, emergency contacts must be 18 years of age or older. A parent or legal guardian may provide emergency contact information on behalf of an unmarried minor child who is not emancipated. If you are under 18, at least one of your emergency contacts must be your parent or legal guardian. You can add, update or remove your emergency contact information online at DMV2U.

Add, update or remove your emergency contact information online at https://www.oregon.gov/.../Pages/EmergencyContact.aspx...

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