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Additional Days Added For Halibut Fishing

ODFW added more summer all-depth Pacific halibut angling days to the Columbia River and Central Oregon Coast subareas.

Columbia River Subarea Additional all-depth angling days:

  • August: 19, 25, 28.

  • September: 3, 4, 23.

ODFW, in coordination with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, determined there is enough quota remaining in both states to allow six more days of fishing. The Columbia River Subarea runs from Leadbetter Point, WA to Cape Falcon, OR.

Central Oregon Coast Subarea This subarea's summer all-depth season begins Aug. 4 and will now be open every Thursday through Saturday or until the quota is met. Previously, this subarea (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain) was open every other Thursday through Saturday.

"Similar to last year, winds and ocean conditions hampered effort and catches of Pacific halibut, leaving plenty of quota remaining," said Lynn Mattes, Recreational Groundfish and Halibut Project Leader. "These additional openings give anglers more opportunity to go after the highly prized halibut." Mattes said the Central Oregon Coast Subarea nearshore and Southern Oregon Subarea seasons remain unchanged. Anglers are reminded to immediately tag a landed fish.

Click here for more information and a map of the subareas.

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