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Additional Funding For Lincoln City Businesses

Due to the success of Lincoln City's economic aid package, the City Council approved an additional $200,000 to be added to the funds available for lodging businesses. Just about one month ago the Lincoln City City Council allocated $635,000 for an economic aid package.  $400,000 was allocated for non-lodging businesses and $235,000 was allocated for lodging businesses.  Under this program, Explore Lincoln City will purchase goods and services from businesses that are redeemable in the future.  These redeemable goods and services will be used in Explore Lincoln City's future, direct marketing campaigns. 

To date, we've been able to assist about 150 businesses. Unfortunately there were far more applications than available funds.  The extra $200,000 approved by the City Council will go to the lodging businesses.  The City won't take additional applications, but will use the applications we've already received. Although we recognize the needs outweighs the City's ability to provide direct financial assistance and these additional funds won't cover all of the applications we've received, we're grateful the City is in a financial position to allocate $835,000 to aid our businesses.

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