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Beachcomber Finds Body Buried In The Sand

On Thursday, April 7, 2022 at about 7:37 AM, a caller contacted the Lincoln City Police Dispatch Center and reported they were walking on the beach and found what they believed to be a body in the sand. The caller reported the body was located in the sand in an area south of the Canyon Drive Park. Lincoln City Police Officers responded to the location and determined there was a body partially buried in the sand near the base of the cliff embankment.

Due to the suspicious nature of the discovery, Lincoln City Police Detectives were called to the scene. Personnel from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office, and the Medical Examiner also responded to assist. The scene investigation determined that an unknown male adult was deceased at the location. The body was carefully removed from the sand and was subsequently transported to the local mortuary. The nature and cause of the death was not determined at the scene and the body will be taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for further investigation.

At this time the identity of the deceased male is not known and the circumstances surrounding his death is under investigation. The Lincoln City Police would like to thank The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office, the Lincoln County Medical Examiner and North Lincoln Fire & Rescue for their quick response and assistance with this incident. The investigation is continuing and anyone with any information should contact Lincoln City Police Detective Bud Lane at 541-994-3636.

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