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City of Newport Encourages Stay At Home Even During Sunny Days

As sunny weather returns to Oregon, the urge to go outside and play will be on the minds of many. The City of Newport urges everyone to adhere to Governor Brown’s Order No. 20-12, which states “Individuals are directed to minimize travel, other than essential travel to or from a home, residence, or workplace; for obtaining or providing food, shelter, essential consumer needs, education, health care, or emergency services; for essential business and government services; for the care of family members, household members, elderly persons, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable persons, pets or livestock; travel as directed by government officials, law enforcement, or courts; and other essential travel consistent with the directives of my Executive Orders and guidance from the Oregon Health Authority.”

Mayor Dean Sawyer reported that “Newport loves its visitors, and it is truly a difficult decision to tell guests to stay home, but for the protection of both residents and visitors – please stay home until the COVID-19 pandemic is history. Visitors to the coast will be given Newport’s “Friendliest” welcome when the time is right – that is not now; not this weekend; and not until the Governor lifts Executive Order No. 20-12.” All state and city parks are closed, including the South Beach State Park, South Jetty Road, Don and Ann Davis Park, Nye Beach Turnaround parking lot, Agate Beach Wayside, the Yaquina Head Interpretive Center, and others. Watch the City of Newport website, www.newportoregon.gov, for updates on closures, travel prohibitions, etc. But for now, please recreate near your homes. Stay home, stay well, and stay the course! See you soon.

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