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Commons Plan Approved

Friday February 22nd, there was a joint meeting of the Lincoln County fair board and the board of commissioners to discuss the proposed plan for the Lincoln County Commons. The meeting included recommendations by Steve Faust, with 3J consulting, Gail Sergeant of LRS Architects and Beth Goodman of Eco Northwest.

The purpose of the Revised Master Plan was to determine which existing facilities will be improved or removed, design a new multipurpose building and other facilities, and develop a management and operations plan that will sustain the Commons over time.

Steve Faust pointed out this plan would enable the county to utilize the facility for multiple purposes. Something Commissioner Doug Hunt agreed with. The plan includes an open campus with areas for hosting events, sports activities and recreation along with space for 4-H. In addition to a new multipurpose building the plan calls for a covered outdoor pavilion for hosting animal events beyond the summer months.

There will also be a hard surface area along with lawn and open space areas. Commissioner Jacobson stated she would like to make sure that the costs for equipment needs are included in a contingency plan. Both the board of commissioners and the Fair board approved moving forward with the plan for the Commons as presented.

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