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County Proclaims September National Preparedness Month

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Jenny Demaris BOC meeting 9/4/19 (photo by Casey Miller)

Jenny Demaris, Lincoln County Emergency Services Manager explained to the board of commissioners last week the counties participation with state and federal emergency management to promote the National Preparedness campaign. She said it is important for families to talk about saving for a disaster, to talk to your family and kids about being prepared for a disaster and the importance of businesses to be prepared getting involved with community preparedness such as CERT programs.

She also promoted the County Emergency Preparedness Fair that will be held at the Newport Armory on September 21st from 11am to 2pm. When county commissioner Doug Hunt asked what the county could do to get the word out to citizens to be better prepared Jenny said they would need more money for their division to better help some of the smaller cities to get the word out to their citizens about emergency preparedness. She said the county giving enough for another part time FTE person in the emergency services office would be a great help. The cities of Lincoln City and Newport both have emergency preparedness managers.

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