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County Vaccination Update

Lincoln County Public Health is excited to see the interest in getting the COVID19 vaccine in the county. However, due to vaccine availability we are not ready yet to begin vaccinating adults age 65 and older as announced by Governor Brown yesterday. The state guidance states this must begin by January 23rd, and we will be ready.

Currently, Lincoln County is vaccinating Phase 1A. Included in this release is an overview of the priority groups. Public Health, in partnership with Samaritan, North Lincoln Fire, Pacific West Ambulance, Newport Fire, and County Emergency Management, have been setting up closed points of distribution (POD) for people in this Phase 1A group. If you believe you are in Phase 1A and have not been sent a registration link, you have two options:

1. Contact your employer to see if they received an invitation from County Emergency Management to sign up their employees for the vaccine. If your employer has not received an invite, have them complete this vaccine needs assessment form here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/ecedca1cc0cd4314a0e911dd32305a99

2. If you are not employed by someone else, complete the assessment form linked above. Reminder – this is ONLY for Phase 1A eligible groups.

Eligible groups in Phase 1A can be found in detail in the “Phase 1a Vaccine Sequencing Plan” document located here https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/le3527.pdf

Phase 1a groups include the following:

· Hospitals and Urgent Care Clinics

· Long-term Care facilities

· Emergency Medical Services Providers and other first responders

· Hospice programs

· Mobile Crisis Care and related services

· Secure transport

· Corrections facilities

· Outpatient medical care services

· Integrative Health Services (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.)

· In-Home care services (agency and independent licensed workers)

· Day Treatment services

· Non-emergency medical transport

· Public Health

· Death care workers

· Medical Clinics – Dental, Vision, General Practice Providers

· Educational Facilities (teachers, support staff, and daycare) have since been added to Phase 1A

When the county is ready to begin vaccinating adults age 65 and older, notices will be posted on our website, social media, Lincoln Alerts and we will notify local community groups, healthcare providers and media outlets. Make sure your email is up to date in your Lincoln Alerts profile so you can get all notifications.

If agencies have any questions, please email or call (541) 265-0621 Option #0, LincolnCoCallCenter@co.lincoln.or.us Please note there may be a delay responding to phone calls due to call volume and staffing. We are working on getting more staff to answer calls.

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