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Deputy Found Justified In Shooting

After a thorough investigation conducted by the Lincoln County Major Crime Team and Oregon State Police Major Crimes Section, Lincoln County District Attorney, Lanee Danforth, found that Deputy Zachary Akin with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office was justified in using deadly physical force against 59-year old Kevan Rower on September 1, 2021. Early that morning 911 dispatch received multiple calls from neighbors on SW Abalone in South Beach that Rower was pointing a rifle at different houses in the neighborhood. Deputies Akin and Honse responded.

Upon arrival Deputies approached Rower and upon observing him with the rifle Deputy Honse told him to put in down. Rower did not comply. Deputy Akin raised his rifle and Deputy Honse again told him to lower his rifle. Rower instead took a few steps then raised his rifle up to his shoulder and pointed it at Deputy Akin. The deputy fired off shots and called out "shots fired". Rower moved into his driveway still holding the rifle. After several more commands to drop his gun he finally complied and sat down with his hands in the air.

Additional deputies arrived and administered first aid to Rower. He sustained three gun shot wounds, one to his calf, one to his thigh and one to his right buttocks. He was transported to Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital and his wounds were not fatal. It was only 45 seconds from the time of the shots fired and the time that Rower was put in handcuffs. After a thorough investigation by the Lincoln County District Attorney it was found that Deputy Akin acted under the belief that his and/or Deputy Honses' lives were in danger justifying the use of deadly physical force.

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