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Driver Cited For DUII For Cannabis

On 4/18/21 at approximately 6:18 pm State Police Trooper Wertz conducted a traffic stop with a white Ford F250 on US 101 near north beaver creek road after observing the driver of the truck was unable to maintain its lane or speed. Upon contact the driver, identified as 58-year old Kenneth A. Williams exhibited numerous signs of impairment. He consented to Safety Field Sobriety Test's and performed poorly on them. He reportedly admitted to taking several prescription medications and admitted he did not feel safe to drive.

Williams was taken into custody for DUII. During a pat down the Williams was found to be in possession of cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia. He reportedly admitted to recently using cannabis and was transported to Lincoln County Jail where he consented to a breath test rendering a result of 0.00% Blood Alcohol Content. Williams consented to provide a urine sample and was cited and released on charges of DUII - Controlled Substances and Reckless Driving.

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