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Employer's Paid Leave Oregon Contributions Due

More than 150,000 Oregon employers are filing their quarterly combined payroll reports due May 1. This is the first time employers will include Paid Leave Oregon contributions. Almost all employers and employees in Oregon are covered by and must contribute to the Paid Leave Oregon trust fund. The only exceptions are Tribal governments and federal employees. Small employers do not contribute the employer portion, but must still collect and submit employee contributions.

If employers are reporting subject wages for Unemployment Insurance, then they need to report for Paid Leave Oregon as well. Even reimbursing employers who do not pay taxes for Unemployment Insurance are responsible for paying paid leave contributions.The Oregon Unemploymnt Department wants employers, both large and small, to know they are here to help if they have last minute questions or concerns. Employers can call 503-947-1488 with contributions questions. Resources for filing using Frances Online, including video demonstrations, FAQS, and guides are found online. A video showing how to file in Frances Online, Oregon Employment Department’s online portal, is also online.

Paid Leave Oregon allows employees to take paid time off for some of life’s most important moments. It covers leave for the birth or adoption of a child, for serious illness or injury, for taking care of a seriously ill family member, and for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or harassment. Contributions to the program by large employers and all employees, regardless of employer size, started January 1. Benefits will be available to employees in September 2023.

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