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Fire Update From Lincoln County 9/11

Last night fire fighters were able to continue fighting throughout the night and built on yesterday’s work. Fire fighters held the fire inside the perimeter and the acreage remains the same. Additional fire fighters and equipment arrived and are working the fire today. Today’s objectives are: Construct and hold fireline, using direct attack as safely possible, Locate, identify, and mitigate hazard trees, Establish hose lays and support holding and mop-up operations.

The fire still remains very active and dynamic.

Roads closed to the public are for the public and fire fighters’ safety. Large water tenders and fire engines are using these roads and it’s not safe for public entry. Please respect the closures. Fire managers from Florida Fire Service arrived yesterday and were assimilated into the current fire command. They were in-briefed about the current fire status at 8:00 P.M. last night.

Incident Command Post will be at the Elders’ Lodge at Grande Ronde. Today’s weather forecast: Expect smoky skies to continue through Friday and into the weekend. Relative humidity are expected to remain high through tomorrow as weak on shore winds continue. Winds will be low at 5 mph and out of the west.   

Lincoln County Call Center - 541-265-0621

When can you return home?  While Hwy 101 is open - evacuated community members are not officially directed to return to their residences. Power and hospital services must be safely restored first. Notices will be communicated through Lincoln Alerts, the County's website and Facebook pages. 

Do we need donations - cash, material, or otherwise? 

American Red Cross is a credible source for cash donations. The Salvation Army of Lincoln County is accepting donations and helping to distribute food boxes. Toledo Police Department has also offered to receive donations. Otherwise, County Emergency Management is waiting for further assessment to determine community need. 

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