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Governor Moves Forward With Funding Housing Projects

Governor Tina Kotek provided a full list of signing letters for budget and policy bills from the 2024 legislative session, confirming she will not make any line-item vetoes. The announcement follows a notice of potential vetoes. On the list was the $3-million Siletz project for the wasterwater treatment plant upgrades. Senator Anderson and Representative Gomberg both worked with the Governor's office to provide them with the necessary information they needed to help approve the project and prevent it from being vetoed. Governor Kotek said “I am grateful to legislators for responding to our state’s most pressing needs.”

She added “In the days following the notice of potential vetoes, I received adequate information to have confidence in signing Senate Bill 1530 and Senate Bill 5701 in full. Additionally, I am sharing several signing letters with legislators and the public that raise specific concerns and affirm my values as we move forward on implementation.” In the signing letter for SB 1530 the Governor stated "Despite some concerns with readiness to proceed and only preliminary projections of of potential new housing units, I am proceeding with allowing the funding to move forward. I have received a written committment that each community will make housing production a priority."

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