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Heavy Rains Affect Sewer Systems

In Toledo due to the immense amount of rainfall experienced in the last three days, the Toledo Wastewater Treatment Plant has exceeded capacity for treatment of sewage, so there is an ongoing release of partially treated material from the municipal sanitary sewage treatment system. The area affected is limited to the city-owned property where the Treatment Plant is located. There is no public health emergency at this time. The City of Toledo is taking the steps necessary to keep the public safe and aware as crews work to mitigate this breach in capacity.

In Lincoln City from December 5 at 2:00 pm to December 6 at 2:00 am, diluted sewage was

released to Devils Lake at the Holmes Road Boat Ramp. The release was due to heavy rain fall over a long period of time. The estimated amount of overflow is 3,600 gallons. The Holmes Road sewer pump station and Public Works’ crews worked continuously, however could not keep up with the non-stop heavy rainfall. This year’s Lincoln City adopted budget includes funding to upgrade the Holmes Road Pump Station and increase its pumping capacity.

The Lincoln City public works department is currently in the design phase of this project. In addition, the City is currently in the design and/or construction phases for several other projects that will reduce our current Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) rates, rain water that enters the sewer collection system piping. The City notified appropriate personnel at Oregon Emergency Response and the Department of Environmental Quality. The affected area is posted.

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