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Overnight Shelter Opens Sunday Through Thursdays In Newport

On January 13th Grace Wins Haven opened a 5 night a week winter shelter. Many from the community encouraged the non-profit organization and supported the idea of a winter shelter and they have made that happen. Now they need the volunteers to ensure it is open each night as well as funding to help keep both the overnight and resource center facilities going. The overnight shelter is located at the Lincoln County fairgrounds and is open winter months through March 15th Sunday through Thursday nights.

It is crucial to have both a Day resource center and a safe over night shelter. In order to help people get into a better situation at the Day center they are offering help to people with having an address, a locker to store their belongings while they look for jobs or attend appointments, plus they offer lunch that can cook in a microwave or toaster oven, clothing, showers, and hygiene products. Also at the resource center depending on the persons need they assist with resumes, scheduling appts, purchasing ID's, gas vouchers and more.

The overnight winter shelter offers dinner and breakfast as well as a safe secure dry warm place to sleep where they don't have to worry about sleeping in a place that could get them in trouble, or trying to find a new place to sleep each night, Statistics in other areas that offer this kind of shelter shows that there is a lower crime rate, and less emergency room visits, as well as more people find the help they need. Volunteers are greatly needed to help or learn more call 541- 265 -1974.

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