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Sheriff Presents Former Inmate With Certificate Of Appreciation

On Feb. 4th, 2019 Sheriff Landers presented former Inmate Pedro Romero-Galicia with a certificate of appreciation. Mr. Romero-Galicia recently finished serving a sentence in the jail and had been assigned to various worker positions. During the day, Mr. Romero-Galicia worked in the kitchen with other inmates preparing the meals to be served throughout the jail. In the evenings and late into the night, he would sew and mend inmate uniforms and other items. His work kept the jail supplied with serviceable uniforms and minimized the amount of new uniforms that were put into use. "We are thankful for Mr. Romero-Galicia’s efforts and willingness to assist us with this program" stated Sheriff Curtis Landers.

The Jail's mending program started in 2017, and continues to date. Inmates selected to sew have various levels of skill, but prior sewing experience is not required. Those who have no experience but a willingness to work are given basic training on the sewing machine; something they can take with them back into our community.

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