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Siletz Woman Charged With Animal Abandonment

On February 14, 2024, at around 4PM a Siletz resident reported to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies that two dogs were abandoned at her home in the 200 block of SW Molalla Street in Siletz, Oregon. The dogs were a male Siberian Husky and a female Rottweiler. Animal Services Deputy Martin began an investigation and obtained security camera footage of a suspect tying one of the dogs to the residence.

The same suspect returned later with the second dog which was left in the middle of the

street in front of the residence. During follow-up investigation, Deputy Martin located the suspect, identified as 42 year old Cheryl Hamel-Fox, of Siletz, OR. Hamel-Fox claimed she was told it was okay to leave the dogs at the location. Animal Services Deputy Martin recovered the dogs, who were housed at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. Hamel-Fox was arrested for two counts of misdemeanor Animal Abandonment.

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