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Toledo Police Receive Grant For Protective Vests

Since May 25th, 2018, there have been a staggering 43 school shootings in the United States. That averages to more than one school shooting every week. School shootings happen in various demographic regions. As a society, it is a sobering fact with the realization that it could happen in our schools someday.

The Toledo Police Department continues to prepare for this situation through training and prevention with the optimism it may never happen to a school in our area but a realistic perception of the need for being ready and equipped in the wake of such an unfortunate event.

The Toledo Police Department trains with local area police agencies on how to respond to active shooters. This ensures a collective inter-agency response model is developed before an incident happens. Toledo Police Department also participates in training exercises with Toledo Fire and Rescue to develop a quick response element in order to treat victims of an active shooter while simultaneously working to stop the threat.

The Toledo Police Department is also a part of the Lincoln County Student Threat Assessment Team which helps prevent active shooter situations by assisting the Lincoln County School District in assessing potential threats. The Toledo Police Department was graciously awarded a grant for $4,199.93 to purchase seven Active Shooter Kit Vests.

The vests contain added armor which protects the officer from high velocity rounds during high risk situations where the use of high caliber weapons is probable. On behalf of the Toledo Police and Public Safety, we would like to thank the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund for their generous donation.

Information and photo provided by TPD

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