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Two Day Emergency Drill Conducted

In the largest exercise of its kind ever on the Oregon coast, Lincoln County Emergency Management, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services’ Office of Resilience and Emergency Management (OREM), City of Newport, Scappoose Fire District, Life Flight, Team Rubicon, and the United States Coast Guard, will host a two-day exercise to introduce and train first responders and volunteers in the deployment of the newest Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP), housed at the Newport Municipal Airport.

On May 14 and 15, emergency management personnel from around the state will

exercise response to a simulated emergency, such as a Cascadia Subduction Zone

earthquake and ensuing tsunami. First responders will have an opportunity to set up,

test, and demobilize tents and other EAP equipment. Last month, OREM delivered two Conex containers – heavy duty metal storage and shipping containers – storing the EAP equipment in the northeast corner of the Newport Municipal Airport. Partnered agencies, hosted at Oregon Coast Community College, have met several times since to plan for the exercise and familiarize themselves with the equipment.

This EAP is intended for temporary use to triage and provide shelter to individuals who

will need to be evacuated off the coast to receive additional assistance or to return

home to other parts of the state. Over the course of the two-day event, there will be

demonstrations, preparedness activities, and overnight sheltering provided.

"Lincoln County is grateful to ODHS for providing us with the Evacuation Assembly

Point. In a large-scale emergency event, the ability to quickly remove individuals from

the area is essential to life safety and the wellbeing of our community. The EAP will

allow us to provide shelter and other resources for those being medically evacuated by

air. It will make a significant difference in the type of care we can provide" said

Samantha Buckley, Lincoln County emergency manager.

This is the second EAP OREM has delivered to the coast, the first being housed at the

Tillamook Airport. The agency plans to establish a third EAP on the south coast this

summer. OREM delivers the equipment to local responders and conducts initial training,

leaving the EAP in the hands of those who will be faced with the immediate aftermath of

a disaster.

“Coastal communities like Lincoln County are prioritized to house these Conex boxes

because data shows they are likely to be cut off from the rest of the state during the

Cascadia earthquake,” said Ed Flick (he/him), OREM director. “ODHS has primary

responsibility for mass care and shelter following disasters, so helping local

communities access critical supplies that can quickly be used to serve their local

community is important to us.”

Demonstrations will include the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, “drones,” operated by

Scappoose Fire’s Aviation unit, a Life Flight rescue helicopter, and the Coast Guard

Newport Air Station’s MH-65 Dolphin rescue helicopter. The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will hold their bi-monthly business meeting on-site during this event on the second day, starting at 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 15. As always, attendance at the commissioners’ meeting is open to the public. Remote attendance is encouraged, as access to and from the EAP site will be limited to shuttles from the main airport parking lot. The meeting will broadcast live at

County commissioners, county and city emergency management teams, the OREM

team and at least one state legislator plan to spend the night at the EAP May 14 as part

of the exercise.

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