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Water Contact Hazard Lifted For Yaquina Bay

On July 15, 2022 at 1:13 pm, the pumped force main at the Bayfront Lift Station located at 198 SE Bay Boulevard ruptured and sent raw sewage into Yaquina Bay. The spill ceased at 4:37 pm on July 16, 2022 when City personnel and contractors completed repairs. An initial spill estimate of 340,000 gallons was reported. The revised spill quantity, based on actual measurements is 94,100 gallons.

The city of Newport on July 16, sent out a press release and posted signs that advised contact with water along the Bayfront and the Southern Yaquina Bay shoreline in South Beach should be avoided until sampling and testing showed that the water is safe. As of 2:54 pm August 3, 2022, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has advised that based on the most recent sampling results showing the water is safe, the City can remove the advisory and lift the hazard warning for Yaquina Bay.

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