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Wildfires Cancel Run To The Rogue Event

The Siletz Tribe’s annual Run to the Rogue has been canceled due to wildfires and smoke along the route. The event originally was scheduled for Oct. 13-15. This event is a 234-mile relay run/walk in memory of the Siletz Tribal ancestors who were forcibly removed from their homeland in Rogue River country in the mid-1800s and marched north to Siletz and the confinements of the Coast Reservation. This annual relay run is the closest today’s Tribal members can come to their ancestors’ experience on the journey from their homeland.

“We’re saddened to once again announce the cancelation of our annual Run to the Rogue. The existing fires and smoke along the route are creating unsafe conditions for staff, Tribal members and high risk groups, said Kurtis Barker, Tribal CEO. “Conditions can change with little notice and lack of cell reception creates additional challenges when planning. Local campgrounds are housing firefighters and our event would draw on resources

the communities need to address these wildfires.” The Tribe looks forward to continuing the tradition of Run to the Rogue in 2024.

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