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Child Sex Offender Gets Life In Prison

Following a lengthy trial in January, a Lincoln County jury found 31 year old David Lee Cannon guilty of four counts of Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse and one count of Bribe Giving. Cannon has a long history of similar conduct in Lincoln County. He was convicted in 2009 of Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse when found in possession of pornographic images of two children appearing 10 years old and younger. Cannon served a 75 month prison sentence for sexual abuse of a four year old child in 2009 and had been released less than two years prior to his arrest in this case. ORS 137.719 allows a presumptive life sentence without the possibility of release or parole for certain sex offenders upon their third conviction.

Prior to the sentencing, Defense Attorney Eva Grooters called an expert witness, Dr. Kevin McGovern, a Portland Psychologist specializing in sexual disorder evaluations, to speak on behalf of her client. Dr. McGovern had interviewed Cannon and found him to be a good candidate for rehabilitation. Grooters requested the Court not enter the presumptive lifetime sentence and allow Cannon the opportunity to earn early release. DDA Hollie Boggess prosecuted Mr. Cannon and recommended that the Court impose the presumptive life sentence. She stated that a lifetime sentence is necessary to protect the community and that Cannon is exactly the type of offender ORS 137.719 is intended for.

Boggess referenced his prior convictions and details from his sexual offender evaluations that included his admission to being aroused by touching small children, child pornography, beastiality, and sexually assaulting females who were passed out. Today, Senior Judge Thomas Branford, who had presided over the trial, sentenced David Cannon to a lifetime in the Department of Corrections. There will be no possibility of release or parole. The Lincoln County District Attorney's Office thanked the Newport Oregon Police Department, Oregon State Police, and DDA Hollie Boggess for all their hard work on this case keeping the community and children safe. They also thanked the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children taskforce) at DOJ for performing the forensic work solidifying our evidence in trial.

Information and photo provided by LCDA Office

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Carrie Davis
Carrie Davis
Jun 22, 2021

Thank you Judge!!

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