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Coast Clean Up July 5th

Each year thousands of Oregonians go to the coast to celebrate the 4th of July. Celebrations often include disposable cups and cutlery and the tiny pieces of plastic incorporated in fireworks. Unfortunately, many of these items are left behind and become litter once the 4th of July celebrations are over. Volunteers are needed to pick up litter that is left behind to minimize the damage it causes to the environment and ocean.

What: SOLVE, partners and volunteers will work together to clean up after 4th of July celebrations at several locations along the coast. Cleanups will begin on Friday morning, July 5, where volunteers will walk the beach and pick up any litter they find before it enters the ocean. Cleanup beach locations include, Sunset, Seaside, Manzanita, Lincoln City NW 14th St., Roads End. Visit the SOLVE website for additional location information.

When: Cleanup events will begin on the morning of July 5 at several beach access points. See the SOLVE website for specific times and locations.

Who: Any Oregonian who is passionate about clean seas and litter free beaches is encouraged to attend!

How: Register online or check-in on the morning of the cleanup at the registration station. For more information visit www.solveoregon.org/5th-of-july-cleanups or call 503-844-9571

Why: Every July, tens of thousands of pounds of trash is left on Oregon’s coastal beaches. This debris is not only unsightly, it's harmful to people and wildlife. The Ocean Conservancy estimates that approximately 70% of marine debris originates from land-based sources. Prevention is essential to reducing the amount of garbage that accumulates in our oceans. Beach cleanups on the morning of July 5 are one of the few effective ways to reduce the number of fireworks related debris. Some fireworks, when fired off, release hundreds of small plastic tubes into the environment. Oregonians love their coast and July 5 cleanups are a way to turn that love into action.

Come Prepared: To make this event more sustainable, volunteers are encouraged to bring a bucket or reusable bag to collect litter in, as well as a pair of reusable gloves. Supplies will be provided for those who do not have their own. The most common litter found is cigarette butts and tiny pieces of plastic, so bringing a colander to sift through sand is often useful. Come wearing closed toed shoes and be ready for the coast’s unpredictable weather. Bring a filled reusable water bottle and snacks.

About SOLVE: SOLVE is a statewide non-profit organization on its 50th year of bringing Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship. Since 1969, the organization has grown from a small, grassroots group to a national model for volunteer action. Today, SOLVE supports hundreds of volunteer events across Oregon to clean and restore our neighborhoods and natural areas, and to build a legacy of stewardship for our state. Visit solveoregon.org for more information.

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