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David's Chair Now Available In Newport

The Newport Parks and Recreation Department is excited to announce the official opening of its all-terrain mobility track chair program that can be checked out for use at Don and Ann Davis Park. The purpose of the program is to provide beach access for people facing mobility challenges. Anyone with mobility impairments including needing assistance with wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, or crutches can use the chair free of charge.

“We have been working on this project for several months now. We are excited to work

with David’s Chair, our local community, and our wonderful volunteers that are helping

facilitate the use of this new program,” Newport Parks and Recreation Director Mike

Cavanaugh said. The Newport chair is currently available for use Friday through Sunday with several scheduled time slots of use on each day. The City hopes to expand the service during

the summer months. All reservations must be made through David’s Chair online

reservation system at https://davidschair.org.

David’s Chair is a 501 C (3) nonprofit. They allow people with mobility challenges to use

track chairs and Para Golfers for free. They have purchased and own a fleet of track

chairs and Para Golfers that they maintain for people to use on the Oregon Coast or

through their Tow & Go Program in the valley. Users of their chairs long for

independence and freedom that mobility challenges take away. David’s Chair helps give that back to those users. Newport is one of seven cities on the coast where chairs are available. David’s Chair and Oregon Parks Forever aim to provide the chairs at 10 locations near the Oregon coast. For more information, please contact Mike Cavanaugh at 541-574-5453, m.cavanaugh@newportoregon.gov, or visit the department website

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