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Donation Helps Newport High Biology Department

Newport High School IB Biology Teacher, Kelly Perry, received a surprise donation of nearly all the anatomical models that she dreamed of for her IB Biology Class – a value of $25,479. The 3D models help students to master IB Biology Anatomy Standards. Ms. Perry is

teaching IB Biology for the first time this year, and was taken aback to learn that Newport High School did not have any anatomical models for the students to examine and learn from. She took action.

She explains how it happened, “I had a donors choose grant up for a brain/heart model and another one for a kidney model for my IB Biology class. Each anatomical model is around $500, so it was going to take me a really long time to fund raise for all the systems that I am required to teach.  A representative from Carolina Biological (the models I was asking for were from Carolina Biological) emailed me and asked whether I needed more models.”  

Ms. Perry explained to the Carolina Biological representative that, “I am teaching a college level course on an almost zero lab budget and anything they could provide would be appreciated.  Many of my IB Biology students want to pursue careers in the medical field, and when learning anatomy, hands-on is the way to go. I hope to build anatomy model kits for every organ and IB Biology standard.”

After that conversation on the phone, the company sent the following ten of each model system which will ensure enough models are available for all the students to have hands-on use of the manipulatives. The donation included the following models (at $200-$1000 each for a total in-kind value of $25,479)

10 eyes

10 respiratory

10 female reproductive systems

10 skin

10 ears

5 hearts

3 skulls

2 fetal skulls

Ms. Perry said that, “I am still in need of a digestive system (another standard) and will be having another donors choose up for that $500 model, but this donation will go a long way in helping students understand the human body systems.  I am sharing with our Health teacher as well as our Anatomy teacher, so these will get loads of use. This is an enormous donation that will inspire the next generation of medical professionals!”

The Lincoln County School District is grateful for the generosity of our community and vendors who seek out partnerships to further the education of our students and help them to graduate career or college ready.

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