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Driftwood Library Offers Wi-Fi Hotspots

In the past decade, Internet access has become a given: every job requires an online application, homework is done online, and even something as simple as paying a bill often requires an email address. The problem is, Internet access isn’t within everyone’s reach. Driftwood Public Library is taking one small step to alleviate this with WiFi hotspots that can be checked out by anyone with a full-privilege DPL library card.

The library has purchased ten WiFi hotspots that can be checked out by members of the public for up to two weeks, at no charge. A hotspot is a device that uses cellular data to provide wireless Internet access. It is portable and will work anywhere there is cellular coverage.

The DPL hotspots will allow up to ten WiFi-enabled devices to connect. Hotspots can be used for email, surfing the web, downloading ebooks, streaming video, and any other function for which you would normally use WiFi or cellular data. Since the library is supplying the data plan, patrons are expected to adhere to the library’s Electronic Access Policy.

The hotspots are not renewable, and will need to be returned after two weeks. Just as with most library items, there are no overdue fines associated with the hotspot. However, once the hotspot is overdue, the full cost of the device will be added to the patron account. This charge will be waived once the hotspot is returned in full working order. The data plan will be disabled on any hotspot that is overdue, rendering it useless. Driftwood Public Library considers Internet access to be an important part of patrons’ access to information. 

The library has had computers for public use for many years, and wireless access in the library building for about a decade. While ten hotspots can’t bridge the digital divide for every Driftwood patron, the library hopes that extending access in this way will be of benefit to the entire community.

Driftwood Public Library is located at 801 SW HWY 101, on the second floor of the City Hall building, adjacent to McKay’s Market and across the street from Burger King. For more information about library services or about wifi hotspots, please contact Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney at 541-996-1251 or via email at kbrodbeck-kenney@lincolncity.org, or visit the library’s website at www.driftwoodlib.org.

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