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GP Funds Vehicle Charging Stations In Toledo

The Georgia-Pacific container board mill in Toledo has funded the local installation of electric vehicle charging stations to satisfy a settlement agreement with the state resolving air permit violations incurred by the mill in 2020. The stations were installed according to a supplemental environmental project (SEP) approved by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in March. Under the SEP, the mill paid the city of Toledo $44,640 to install the stations.

The $44,640 substantially reflects the civil penalty imposed by DEQ for violations of the mill’s Title V air operating permit. The mill had the option of paying the entire penalty to DEQ or offsetting part of it through the SEP. Installing electric vehicle charging stations is one of several options to fulfill a SEP involving Title V penalties. Earlier this month, the city installed two stations on publicly accessible city property. One of the city-installed stations is at the Toledo Public Library, 173 NW 7th Street and the other is in the city hall parking lot, 206 N. Main Street. A photo showing the library charging station is at left.

The Port of Toledo is working to install the third station at the north end of the parking lot at the port’s marina, 367 SE Butler Bridge Road. The Toledo City Council and Port of Toledo Board of Commissioners formally endorsed the project in late 2020. Employees from the city and port installed the stations with the aid of a local electrical contractor.

The city served as the project leader and fiscal agent for the installations. “We’re pleased to offer these stations to residents and visitors for the first time,” said Toledo Mayor Rod Cross. “The locations were chosen to give flexibility and convenience to motorists who drive electric vehicles. This puts Toledo at the forefront of the electric vehicle network in Oregon.”

Port of Toledo Commission Chair Chuck Gerttula agreed and said that locating a station on port property will offer greater convenience to motorists. “The fact that the station is located next to the Port of Toledo Waterfront Park is an added benefit since that’s a great place from which to explore our community,” said Gerttula. “And its close proximity to our popular transient docks is an added convenience for the public.” The stations are “Level 2,” which offer a medium-fast charge, giving motorists time to explore Toledo while their vehicles are charging.

These are the first public charging stations installed in Toledo and are ideal for visitor experiences. Each station serves two parking spaces and has two nozzles, allowing two electric vehicles to charge at the same time. The charging fee is by the hour. The city acquired the stations and related network connections from ChargePoint, Inc. Motorists download the ChargePoint app on their phone to use and pay for the service. The app also shows where the stations are located. Thank you for your service to our community and please enjoy the upcoming Independence Day weekend safely.

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