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Motel Voucher Program For Homeless

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners has agreed to fund a motel voucher program for unsheltered homeless individuals for a two-week trial program beginning today, Monday March 16. Agreements have been secured with motels in Lincoln City and Newport to provide blocks of rooms for this emergency program. Commissioner Claire Hall said this is in response to continued cold weather and the high-risk unsheltered individuals face of COVID-19 and other respiratory illness. “It’s hoped this step will protect the health of the individuals involved, as well as reduce opportunities for spread in the larger population.”

To qualify for the program, people will have to identify as sleeping outside. Those living in a vehicle will not be included. People cannot show signs of respiratory illness, and must provide a clean UA (marijuana will be excluded if all other criteria are met). The county is contracting with Coastal Support Services to handle intake and booking for the program. Up to $5,000 has been allocated initially in Newport and $5,000 in Lincoln City. The Lincoln City Travelodge and Summer Wind Motel in Newport are the initial participating facilities.

Coastal Support Services Team Contact:

For Emergency Motel Voucher Program in Lincoln City, contact Amanda Cherryholmes at 541-264-0457. For Emergency Motel Voucher Program in Newport, contact Ken Wood at 541-270-8767.

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