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New Rules For Driving On The Beaches In Lincoln City

The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission voted to allow beach driving to continue in fall, winter, and spring at one access point in Lincoln City and to prohibit it year-round at the other starting Oct. 1 due to ongoing safety issues. The new rules were adopted September 20 in cooperation with Lincoln City Council, which voted earlier to support the proposal based on its staff recommendations. Fire and rescue crews encouraged the city and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to make the changes for public safety.

“I’m grateful for our partners in Lincoln City and around Oregon who voiced their concerns and helped find a solution that balances the needs of our visitors at the Oregon Coast. This rule change provides a safer experience at the beach access points in Lincoln City,” said Central Coast District Manager Preson Phillips. Motor vehicles will be allowed to access the ocean shore at NW 15th Street, and drive 150 feet in either direction from Oct. 1 to April 30. Motor vehicles are prohibited at all other times except for emergency vehicles.

Motor vehicles will be prohibited year-round from driving on the ocean shore at NW 34th Street in Lincoln City. Safety concerns included crowding, a lack of separation of pedestrians and vehicles and the risk of injury to visitors playing in the stream directly below the access point. OPRD will install signs that communicate the rule changes to the public. It will also work to improve signage and communication around both access locations regarding where individuals with disabilities can access the ocean shore.

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