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Spring Whale Watching Events Cancelled This Year

Whale Watching is one of the most popular events that people from all over the world look forward to in the Spring and Summer that takes place along the entire Oregon coast. The volunteer event portion of the Spring 2021 Whale Watch week has been cancelled. People come from all over the world to learn about the Gray whales that travel along the Oregon coast each year. Whales are visible from Oregon's shores all year long although some months are better than others. In the winter visitors and locals can watch nearly 25,000 gray whales from mid-December through mid-January as they travel south to the warm lagoons of Baja Mexico. Visitors can still stop and see the whales in Depoe Bay and throughout the Oregon Coast, the volunteers will just not be on hand to help spot them and provide information about them. Some charter boats may still be offering Whale Watching cruises.

Spring watching begins in late March as the gray whales travel north on their way towards Alaska. The first surge swims past Oregon around the end of March, and we watch the north-bound whales all the way until June. Summer and Fall bring Oregon's resident Gray whales close to shore to feed. These are the approximately 200 whales that remain in Oregon's coastal waters during the summer migration. The central coast in particular is a hot-spot for whales from June to mid-November. We want to thank our dedicated volunteers and we look forward to working with all of you again in the future. Oregon Parks and Recreation announced that the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center remains closed due to limited staff and budget. We will open as soon as we have the resources to do so safely.

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