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Temporary Housing Site For Wildfire Survivors

FEMA has begun construction on a site where temporary housing units will be provided to qualified survivor families from Lincoln County. Once completed, the new site in Lincoln City is expected to hold up to 21 temporary housing units. In addition to Lincoln county, FEMA’s Direct Housing mission is in the process of providing temporary housing units to qualified disaster survivors in Jackson, Lane, Linn and Marion counties. To date, 95 families have been placed in temporary housing units in commercial parks and two group sites built by FEMA.

Currently, 265 survivor families are approved to receive FEMA Direct Temporary Housing in the five counties. The number of qualified families fluctuates over time as new households become eligible and other households locate alternate temporary or permanent housing on their own. To the degree possible, FEMA works to keep survivors as close as possible to their communities, schools and places of worship. Direct Temporary Housing is provided to survivors for up to 18 months from the date of the disaster declaration (until March 2022).

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