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Toledo Fire Chief Comes Home

In September Toledo Fire Chief Larry Robeson and Assistant Chief Dave Inman took a trip to Alabama to pick up a rescue vehicle the city had purchased. When they were on their way back home they were T-boned by another vehicle and both sustained serious injuries and were hospitalized in Alabama. Asst. Chief Inman recovered and returned home however Fire Chief Robeson has been in a recovery facility in Nebraska and is now on his way home.

Toledo Mayor Rod Cross said he is so happy to have Robeson back home. They are doing a celebration on the roadway as he is brought into town tonight at 6pm. He will be coming in from Philomath on business loop 20 past JC Market and down to Main Street. Mayor Cross reminds citizens to remember social distancing and wear masks if you are outside or have your window down in your car. "We want people to stay as safe as possible as we celebrate and welcome home one of our local heroes." Joe Amans has been the acting fire chief until July. At that point Mayor Cross said he hopes that Chief Robeson will be healed enough to be able to take over again as chief.

The ladder trucks will be set up in the JC Market parking lot with the American Flag stretched between them. Mayor Cross said "I have been nothing short of proud of this community in how they have gone through thick and thin and community has stepped up with volunteers and the fire department. Now with the Covid situation the community has come together again to support local businesses." Our Sarah Bowers will be at the JC Parking lot tonight to bring you the event live on our facebook page at 6pm.

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