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Toledo Library Open For Curbside Service

The Toledo Public Library building will be remain closed, but the staff will begin offering curbside service for our patrons on Tuesday, May 26. This service will include social distancing strategies such as the wearing of gloves and masks by the staff and designated distancing lines. We recommend that patrons wear masks as well. Patrons may Place Holds on the online catalog (or phone if they do not have internet).

Appointments for pickup will be made for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am – 12 pm and 3 pm – 5 pm. Patrons are asked to not get out of their car. They should call the front desk to let staff know they have arrived if possible. During the appointment, a staff member will set the order out or place the order in the patron’s car trunk and retreat into the building or at least 6 feet away.

Patrons can then pick up their order and return to their car. The patron should wait for the staff member to walk away before retrieving their items. Staff will not allow patrons to enter the building for any reason. Patrons may place returns in the book drop to the left of our front door. Please remember that we can only supply the items we own as the courier service has been discontinued for now, so limit any requests to Toledo Public Library materials only. The book drop has remained open during this crisis, but we have quarantined items dropped in the box for 3 days before handling. This will continue.

Since the book drop is open, due dates will be enforced. There is always the option to renew online or by phone. Patrons are asked to restrict their use of the book drop to when no one else is using the area. The library will continue to offer all its online service and will continue to promote and manage its Summer Reading Program online. Please join us for all these fun activities this summer! For more information please contact the library at 541-335-3132 or librarydirector@cityoftoledo.org.

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