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Toledo-Siletz City Collaborations

Toledo Mayor Rod Cross and Siletz Mayor Willie Worman where elected Mayors of their cities the same year. Both had goals to make their cities even better. One of Woreman's main goals was to find funding for a code enforcement officer to help the city uphold its own codes and get some areas cleaned up that are in much need. "I was frustrated with seeing so many yards with garbage, wrecking yard type properties, slumlords and out of area property owners that allow things that are detrimental to this community and just a general disrespect for city rules and the people within Siletz.

Those helping Woreman with this venture were all told “there is no money for this, raise taxes and see how that goes for you”. Woreman said with some collaboration the city was able to find the funds to support a code enforcement officer. Toledo recently started a similar program and were able to work out a deal and have now contracted with the City of Toledo to use their code enforcement officer, part time, to help uphold our city codes and get things cleaned up. Rod Cross Toledo Mayor said "We have helped and collaborated over the years to form partnerships that help both cities."

The code enforcement officer will be looking for any code violations starting with unkept properties that pose a danger, homes that have camp trailers in the yard with people living in them longer than legally allowed, and any number of things that community members have been calling in complaints about. The goal, Woreman said is to work with people to help them and give them appropriate guidance with a bit of motivation to get things done in a timely manner.

If that does not work there is a fine system of course and steps beyond that but we hope we never have to go there. The code enforcement officer is willing to work with folks and help with resources when need be. It’s all in the interaction. Be respectful and get respect. Woreman thanked the Siletz city council, the city recorder, city of Toledo planner and Toledo mayor Rod Cross for helping make this happen. The two cities are also holding drive in movie events for families. In Siletz the event is being held in the field next to the Library. In Toledo it is at Memorial Field. This is one of many partnership events meant to get the communities out and about together.

Upcoming movies include August 20th African Queen in Toledo, August 26th in Siletz they will show Grease, along with the car and bike show. August 27th in Siletz will be Sandlot. In Toledo September 3rd will be Sometimes A Great Notion, which was filmed in Lincoln County and September 10th in Siletz will be Monsters Inc. In Toledo they will show like a drive in with cars pulling up and tuning in to an FM transmitter with popcorn and drinks available. Siletz will offer a food vendor. Folks are invited to bring a blanket or chairs to watch the show.

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