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Traffic Pattern Changes For Oceanview Drive

After hearing from many citizens regarding traffic problems and speeding on Oceanview Drive the city of Newport conducted a traffic operation and safety assessment. The City Council reviewed an initial technical memorandum on January 16, 2024. Based on comments from the City Council and the public, as well as reviewing a letter from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, further consideration was provided for the development of a plan to address traffic concerns.

There were six bullet points recommended that the council start with which include: vegetation management at certain intersections; installation of prefabricated speed humps at five locations on Oceanview Drive; installing advanced pedestrian crossing warning signs on both approaches at the Agate Beach Wayside; installing no parking signs on Oceanview Drive on the east side and a portion of the west side where the shoulder narrows in width; Reduce speed limits on Oceanview Drive to 20 mph from NW Spring Street to NW 19th Court, 25 miles an hour would continue on 19th Court to Edenview Way, a reduction in speed limits from 35 mph to 30 mph between Edenview Way and US 101, and provide delineators and directional signage to address one-way traffic on NW 15th Street.

These were recommended to be reviewed for effectiveness after a 12-month period. Public comment supported the changes and asked for stop signs put up at 15th street. Councilor Hall wanted to also add photo radar in the area and it was recommended to review sooner than the 12 months. It was also suggested to reduce the speed to a consistent 20 mph in this area and review after 8-months after the summer busy season to see if these changes help.

Chief Malloy noted that it would be hard to reduce the speed that much and felt that it would not be obeyed. The council approved a motion to approve the six traffic change recommendations. The cost for these traffic changes is estimated to be about $50,000. City manager Nebel noted that some things could be put in place now and the rest, such as speed reduction and implementation of the speed bumps should be implemented by July 1.

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