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Water Rescue In Roads End

At 7:40 pm on August 6th North Lincoln Fire and Rescue (NLFR) was dispatched to the beach in front of Roads End State Park. Three juveniles' were in distress in the water. Just before team arrival two of them, ages 13 and 15, were able to make it to shore. The third, a 16-year old female was still in the water, in a wet suit on her boogie board but unable to make it back to the beach due to the rip current. NLFR quickly deployed a jet ski with two swimmers and made quick work of the rescue bringing her back to the shore.

All three were taken up to two waiting ambulances for a medical evaluation and then released to their parents. No one was transported to the hospital. The picture above e looks like a nice evening at the beach, however NLFR units can be seen on the right side. The cause of the incident was a rip current unseen by the children. When doing ocean activities it is important to wear wet suits, life jackets, and watch for rip currents. This water rescue turned out well, even though NLFR had two other incidents occurring at the same time, and burn complaint and fire alarm.

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