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Additional Fair Board Members Sought

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners is seeking applications from citizens interested in serving on the Lincoln County Fair Board. The Lincoln County Fair Board oversees the planning, preparation and production of the Lincoln County Fair and associated events and activities. The current three-member board is seeking additional board members to help build capacity and manage the annual fair event.

Often referred to as a “working board,” potential applicants should be willing to

participate in preparation for, during, and in closing down the fair event. Additionally,

Fair Board members need to meet once per month during the calendar year.

As Lincoln County’s Annual Fair and the Fair Board continues to grow, the Board of

Commissioners desires that it reflect the community with which it is surrounded while

embracing the values of its traditional roots. Candidates should consider how they fit

into the following categories of interest:

 Land-based agriculture

 Youth/education

 Exhibitors/vendors/local businesses

 Tourism promotion/visitor services

 Ocean science/commercial fishing

 Recreational fishing/other ocean use sectors

 Volunteer management

 Marketing/promotion/event coordination

 Other interests as determined by the Board of Commissioners.

There is no specific requirement that all the identified interests be included on the fair

board at the same time, and board members need not be employed or a working

professional in a particular category. Rather, board members should have the desire

and passion to see the Annual Fair reflect the diversity of the community’s interests and

stimulate curiosity through education and activities that showcase life and industry in

The concept of a county fair as we know it today began in 1811 in Albany, New York.

The concept spread throughout the East Coast and Midwest for the remainder of the

19th century. As events developed, features were added such as food vendors, local

merchants, games, baking contests, and horse races. Over time, technology also

became an important feature of fairs as a place to display the latest advances, like

electricity, for example. Musical acts and other amusements introduced rural

communities to other facets of contemporary culture and, conversely, urban

communities learned more about agriculture and rural life.

Lincoln County’s Annual Fair should be an opportunity for visitors and residents to have

fun, reflect and celebrate the culture of our Lincoln County. Prospective board members

should have the desire to support a successful execution of the annual fair and

additionally bring interests and expertise that can help showcase our vibrant community.

Applications can be filled out at https://tinyurl.com/FairBoardApply. If you need a paper

application, please contact the Board of Commissioners’ office at 541-265-4100 to

make arrangements.

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