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Annual Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Soon

Medicare Open Enrollment is around the corner - Oct. 15 through Dec. 7.  During the annual enrollment period, Oregonians who are 65 years or older, younger people with disabilities and individuals with end-stage renal disease may be eligible to sign up and find health insurance that meets their needs, or make changes to their current coverage.

Oregon’s Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) program provides year-round free, objective and local counseling to people with Medicare and their families. Examples of SHIBA services include explaining how the Medicare program works, assisting with Medicare appeals and complaints, and helping people make informed decisions about their health insurance coverage. SHIBA staff members and active volunteers/certified counselors serve many of Oregon’s 857,000 Medicare beneficiaries.

Visit the OHA Enrollment website for an overview of SHIBA’s impact throughout our state. Contact information for SHIBA organizations by county is available at https://healthcare.oregon.gov/shiba/get-help/Pages/help-near-you.aspx

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