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County Offers Training For Those Working In Health Care Field

Lincoln County Public Health is organizing HIV/Hepatitis, Overdose Prevention, and Engagement (HOPE) trainings for people working in health care settings to improve clinical services and outcomes for people who inject drugs. The training is provided by the Oregon AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC). According to the Oregon AETC, this training is important because people who inject drugs often delay seeking healthcare and underuse healthcare services, despite bearing a greater burden of infections from HIV and Hepatitis C.

Engaging with health care is an opportunity for people who inject drugs to reduce their risk of illness and death, as well as providing a pathway to recovery from substance use disorder. The HOPE training can be delivered in one 4-hour training or in three separate 1- to 2-hour training sessions. The HOPE training includes these three modules: Module 1: Addressing Opioid Use in Primary Care (1 hour) Module 2: Engaging Patients Who Inject Drugs (2 hours) Module 3: Managing Infections among People Who Inject Drugs (1 hour)

All healthcare providers, leadership, and support staff are encouraged to take this training. If you are someone who works in a health care setting and are interested in attending a HOPE training or are interested in organizing a HOPE training for your organization, please complete this short, 3-minute survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LincolnCoHOPE. A minimum of 15 health care providers, leaders, or support staff will need to be committed to attending a training in order to secure the AETC training provider.

AETCs are a national network of clinical training and consultation experts dedicated to improving services and outcomes for people at risk for and people living with HIV. Many of the risk factors for HIV are shared with other critical health concerns in Lincoln County, including opioid addiction and overdose, hepatitis C infections, and other infections associated with injection drug use.If you have any questions regarding the organizing of HOPE trainings in Lincoln County, please contact Aimee Snyder at asnyder@co.lincoln.or.us.

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