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Deadline Approaching For Habitat Application

The housing crunch in Lincoln County is slowly improving but not fast enough for working families. To help address this critical need, Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County (HFHLC) is recruiting partner families for two new homes in Waldport while putting the finishing touches on their latest build in Lincoln City. “Housing is a basic human need, and safe, decent, stable housing that is also affordable is harder and harder to find,” said Lucinda Taylor, Executive Director of HFHLC. “From units for low-income families to workforce housing, the need is only increasing and we will all be challenged to develop creative solutions that garner community support.”

Ground breaking in Waldport is expected to begin in the summer of 2024 with completion

expected in late 2025. The size and number of bedrooms for each home will be customized

to the size of the selected household so families of all sizes are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due by December 22 and the selection process will be complete by the end

of March 2024. Applications are available on the HFHLC website at habitatlincoln.org and

from the Habitat office by calling 458.277.7601 or emailing office@habitatlincoln.org.

Families are selected based on housing need, their financial ability to pay a mortgage and

their willingness to partner with Habitat. To qualify, household income must fall between 45-

70% of annual median income (AMI) for Lincoln County, based on household size.

Partnership requirements include committing to 350 to 500 hours of “sweat equity” and

participating in money management and homebuyer education courses. The selected family

must also maintain their current level of income and not take on any new debt between the

time they sign a partnership agreement and the time they close on the purchase of the home.

Of course, building a Habitat home is a community effort. Oregon Housing and Community

Services has awarded HFHLC a combination of loan and grant funds to support the Waldport

project through the Local Innovation Fast Track program, commonly referred to as LIFT.

However, like all Habitat builds, discounted and donated products and services from local

businesses and contractors are needed, as well as many hands-on volunteer hours from

individuals and organizations. HFHLC will continue to raise funds and accept donations to

help pay for materials and related expenses.

The sale of these two homes will include a deed restriction that limits future sales to

households at 80% AMI or less and HFHLC will retain ownership of the land to ensure

permanent affordability. A resale formula guarantees these homes are affordable for low-

income households into the future, yet still gives homeowners a chance to build equity.

For more information or to help support the HFHLC mission, please contact Lucinda Taylor at

residential housing and refurbish existing structures, then sell them to low-income families

with an affordable mortgage that meets their income level. We also provide home repairs for

low income families to improve safety and accessibility, helping extend the life of the home

and allowing owners to age in place. HFHLC’s ReStores accept donations of building materials, furniture and appliances, and offers them to the community at a low cost. The ReStores provide much needed program revenue, and divert usable and recyclable materials from our local landfill.

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