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Deputies Will Step Up Enforcement For Traffic Safety

With Lincoln County’s recent application approval for the COVID19 Phase One reopening process, the Sheriff’s Office will be increasing proactive education and enforcement efforts relating to traffic safety. Also a phased approach, these efforts are designed to increase safety for our citizens as travel increases in our county. Deputies will be primarily focusing on dangerous driving and what is known as “The Fatal Five” traffic violations- impaired drivers, speed, safety restraints, following too closely and improper lane changes.

Deputies will be employing safety measures during their contacts to create social distancing when possible and continue the use of PPE when appropriate. It is anticipated with restrictions easing, businesses reopening and nicer weather ahead, we will see a substantial increase in motorists on our roadways. The Sheriff’s Office is reminding all our citizens and those passing through to please respect social distancing guidelines, obey traffic laws and travel safely so we can all stay healthy and enjoy the summer ahead.

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