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Double Truck Crash On Hwy 20

On 6/9/2020 Oregon State Police (OSP) responded to a disabled semi-truck that was blocking the west bound lane on US-20 and Pioneer Mountain loop intersection. When OSP arrived, a second Truck had driven off the eastbound lane on US-20 near milepost 11 near Pioneer Mountain loop. The vehicle involved in the crash was a green chip truck pulling a loaded trailer. Due to the disabled Semi truck blocking the westbound lane, traffic from that lane was driving into the east lane. This caused the green chip truck to pull over onto the shoulder to avoid a collision.

The green chip truck drove too far over the shoulder, and rolled onto its side. The truck remained stuck in that location. The driver as uninjured. Normal vehicle traffic was diverted through Pioneer Mountain loop, and Heavy trucks were allowed to pass through US-20 via one lane of travel. This occurred for approximately two hours before both lanes on US-20 were reopened. Toledo fire department and Lincoln County Sheriff’s office assisted with traffic control. AA Rowley’s towing assisted with the disabled semi-truck, and will being towing the Chip truck at a later time.

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