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Great Oregon Shake Out October 17

Lincoln County Emergency Management is encouraging community members, businesses, and community groups to participate in the 2019 Great Oregon ShakeOut. While the official event takes place on Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 10:17 am, you can practice your drop, cover and hold on during the days leading up to or directly after. The important part is to register if you do participate and practice.

By registering you will assist your Lincoln County Public Safety agencies with documenting the progressive nature of our community and demonstrating we are working together to strengthen our community resiliency. We’ve included a graphic on annual summary of participants here in Lincoln County.

If you are new to Lincoln County or are unfamiliar with the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake faultline please contact our emergency management office to talk with us about the Cascadia hazards and how you can take steps to be ready.

The following are helpful links to earthquake and tsunami information that may benefit you or someone you know.

Great Oregon ShakeOut:

· Register & General Information: http://shakeout.org/oregon/

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Emergency Management Website

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