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Health And Human Services Strategic Plan

Lincoln County Health and Human Services presented their 2020-2024 Strategic Plan to the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners today. Directors Rebecca Austen and Rebecca McBee-Wilson discussed the year-long process and resulting vision for HHS. In October 2018, Lincoln County Health & Human Services (HHS) initiated a Strategic Planning process to establish a vision and goals for the Department in order to meet the health needs of our community.

Dusti Linnell, PhD from Oregon State University Extension Service joined our team to

help facilitate the process. In January 2019 a survey was sent to HHS staff, community

partners and citizens to gain feedback on the following questions: 1) In the next five

years, what do we need to do to achieve our vision of “improving health, wellness and

quality of life for all?” 2) How can we better serve the community? 3) What needs to be a

priority for us, and why? The survey was a big success, there were 171 responses,

representing all areas of the County.

Three listening sessions were held in the spring of 2019. Participants included

community partners, HHS staff, Lincoln Community Health Council members and

Advisory Committee members. The first draft was presented at the HHS All Staff meeting

in June. Through this process, along with HHS’s vision, the following five priority areas were


Enhance Health Services;

Strengthen Public Relations;

Foster a Healthy Workforce;

Improve the Physical Environment; and

Optimize Financial Health.

This strategic plan will be used to guide decisions, focus energy and resources,

strengthen operations, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working

toward common goals to create a healthy community for all.

Progress on this plan can be followed at www.co.lincoln.or.us/hhs/page/strategic-plan.

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