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Lincoln County Circuit Court Rules On Ordinance 21-177

From the Director of the Coalition to Defeat Measure 21-177

The recent opinion from the Lincoln County Circuit Court, confirming that the County cannot regulate pesticide use, is good news. The law is clear on the issue; Ordinance 21-177 is unconstitutional and undermines our system of government. The proper authorities to evaluate, regulate, and enforce pesticide rules, with our local input, are at the State and Federal levels where adequate resources can be deployed to ensure the safety of pesticide practices for all Oregonians.

The Lincoln County community deserves praise for their patience and restraint, which has given the courts time to fully and fairly review the Ordinance. Pesticide use by Lincoln County’s farmers, foresters, fishermen, vegetation managers and pest control professionals is already carefully regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and supporting agencies – as it should be. Those rules are continually reviewed and strictly enforced to protect the safety of the public and the environment, ensuring that we are held to the same high standards as similar professionals across the State.

As responsible members of our community, we are committed to accountability by being the first in line to call out bad actors in our industries. We encourage our neighbors to help us: if you are concerned about a pesticide application, please dial the State’s 211 hotline to connect with the appropriate agencies. Meanwhile, we welcome open and constructive dialogues within our community about sound management of the cherished natural resources our County enjoys, including the tools we rely upon to safely and sustainably keep those resources healthy.

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