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Lincoln County Construction Update

OR 34: McKinney Slough Bridge replacement Bridge is substantially complete and roadway has been paved. Road is now open to traffic in both directions. Remaining work is scheduled to be completed in late September or early October. No delays expected at this time.

An existing bridge near milepost 1.5 has been replaced with a new structure.

U.S. 101: Devil’s Lake Outlet, Schooner Cr & Siltcoos River Bridges

At D River Outlet night work is complete for the season and work continues during the day underneath the bridge. Short duration lane closures are allowed from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. but will only be needed on occasion. Work is expected to last until the spring of 2020.

Work at Schooner Creek Bridge begins in the next week or two with the installation of temporary signs and a temporary pedestrian crossing on the south side of the bridge. Initial work will be under the bridge with night work and lane closures expected to start in late August. Expect minor delays. This project includes the following improvements at each of the three bridges: Repair damaged concrete Install zinc anodes to the structures to protect them from the harsh coastal climate Replace bridge railings to meet current crash standards Install steel and titanium re-bar to strengthen bridges

U.S. 101: Yaquina Bay Bridge painting The eastern sidewalk is closed for the duration of the project. A temporary pedestrian crossing at the south end of the bridge will allow pedestrians to cross U.S. 101. At the north end, pedestrians can use the existing sidewalks under the bridge, which will be signed as the pedestrian detour route. This project is expected to last until October 2019. Expect minor delays.

Most of the work is under the bridge with no impact to traffic. There will be occasional nighttime lane closures to set up containment under the bridge and move equipment. Intermittent night work will continue with lane closures allowed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

This project is painting the steel bridge members under the roadway deck in two spans of the steel structure. These members are in need of additional protection from the harsh coastal environment.

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