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Lincoln County Will Remain In High Risk

Lincoln County will be staying in the High Risk category for the next two weeks. According to a report given by Florence Pourtal, Public Health Deputy Director to the Board of Commissioners, the county was just 4 cases away from moving back into the extreme risk category. The County is currently at 70 cases for January. She said the county expects to receive 770 doses of vaccine this week and have given out 1296 doses out of the 1700 received so far. The word is getting out to several clinics within the county that the vaccine is available for their use for clinician staff.

Pourtal thanked the many community partners who have rallied to help get the vaccine doses out to the first responders. About 85% of those eligible have been willing to get the vaccine. Commissioner Hunt praised the efforts of the public health department and their ability to actively engage community partners in getting as many as possible vaccinated. "That speaks well to the work being done." Commissioner Jacobson suggested looking forward to how to organize getting the vaccine out to the general public when that becomes available and how that is going to work. It was also suggested to get the county call center back open to take public questions regarding the vaccines later this week.

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