NFW's Offers Help For Fishing Families

The Newport Fishermen's Wives would like to help ease the impact felt by COVID-19.  This program has been created to provide supplies to families and individuals in the seafood industry that have been financially affected by COVID-19. Most of our Fleet have been affected by the diminished ability to sell our product due to restaurant closures and the loss of overseas markets. You don't need to test positive for COVID-19 to be greatly affected by this pandemic.

We would like to offer help with basic needs for people who may need over the counter, basic medical and cleaning supplies, basic food needs, gas, diapers, school supplies and other personal needs. In qualified cases we may be able to assist you with utility bills that are PAST DUE.  We may not be able to help you with all of the needs you apply for on this form with the funds we have. Our mission is to help as many families as we can. 

All information provided will remain private, only our intake volunteers will have access to personal information.  All information you provide on this form must be currently accurate, we will be verifying information and any information that is found to be inaccurate will disqualify you from this program.  YOU MUST BE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED AS A FISHERMAN WITH A CURRENT COMMERCIAL FISHING LICENCE OR AN EMPLOYEE OF A PROCESSING PLANT OR OTHER FISHING RELATED BUSINESS.  QUALIFICATION WILL BE UP TO OUR DISCRETION.

All applications need to be received before August 19th and supplies will be made available on August 26th.  You will be notified with more detail before the 26th.  In cases of Past Due Utility bills payments will be made directly to the utility company in your name and we will communicate any actions before we proceed. 


Online form can be found here

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