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Suicidal Subject in Yachats, Gets Medical Treatment from Deputy

On November 13, 2019 at about 10:30 AM Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a reported suicidal subject thought to be in the Yachat's area.   The suicidal subject had reached a friend in Maryland stating he had self-inflicted lacerations to his neck. Law enforcement in Montgomery County, Maryland provided the description of the vehicle he was associated with and were making efforts to determine the subject’s cell phone location.  Deputy Akin quickly responded to Yachats and was able to locate the vehicle prior to the subject’s phone “ping” results. The vehicle was parked in the corner of Yachat's State Park and inside the vehicle he located the subject bleeding heavily from his neck and left arm.  He had lost a large amount of blood and was lethargic. 

Deputy Akin, who maintains his paramedic certification in addition to his law enforcement certifications, immediately secured the nearby knife and administered first aid while requesting emergency ambulance response.  Deputy Akin was able to apply a tourniquet to the subject’s left arm.  Tourniquets, along with other life-saving tools and training, are provided to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies for medical emergencies.

Yachat's Fire and Rescue responded to the location and transported the subject to Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport in critical condition.  Yachat’s Fire and Rescue submitted a written commendation citing Deputy Akin as acting swiftly and assisting by providing advanced medical aid in a very serious situation.   

The Oregon State Police arrived and assisted with the scene. 

Information provided by: LCSO

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